Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on or done the requests. I basically haven’t had internet in so long. :/ I’m sorry y’all. Don’t hate me.

my old anna kendrick (with E3 and 1D) twitter headers.like if you take please!

will you be my nightingale?

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JEMI twitter icon and header :)

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"Harry introduced Zayn as the man with the perfect cheekbones." (x)

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Appreciating my life right now :))))) My celeb crush from when I was a kid followed and tweeted me and Adam my youtube crush tweeted me :)))))

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Title: Naive
Artist: The Kooks
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The Kooks // Naive

Adam Buongiovanni + smile

Imagine, you and Zayn get into a heated argument and he walks out onto the balcony of your apartment and you go after him.